a photograph of a young small business owner with a user interface overlayed on top

Cin7 Story Animations

Creative Brief: Create a series of vignettes that visualize the Cin7 product in real-world situations.

Role: Motion Designer & Art Director

Process: I started with conceptualizing the core functionality for each step and sketched those onto paper. Visualizing digital products can quickly get too detailed and the message is diluted. To correct for this, I chose not to include redundant details and features. The result is a focused and intuitive visualization.

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a blue and green wavy background with white logo on top


a close up of a column of a user interface

Wedding Invites

cursive monoline script that reads Peter and Hope

Aldino Typeface

a slab serif typographic headline set in white

Pottery Barn Emails

trendy pastel bedding in a dorm room

Corpen Rebrand

a minimalist white logo set on a teal and orange gradient

NIAW Campaign

a digital collage showing a headline and pictures of people

Harry Potter

a supernova exploding behind the Harry Potter logo symbolizing a patronus charm

OpenTable Motion Ads

an advertisment showing the logo and product design of OpenTable

Castlight Testimonial

a red headline that says Real people. Real savings

Combinati Site Design

two purple icons for the biotech company Combinati>