Coachbar Brand

Creative Brief: Develop a suite of marketing and brand assets for the tech startup, setting the visual tone and creative direction

Role: Art Director & Brand Designer

Process: Drawing inspiration from the theme of a tech stack, I began the ideation phase. This involved brainstorming, sketching, and generating ideas to create a visual language that would reflect the startup's technological prowess, innovation, and uniqueness. By exploring different concepts and approaches, I aimed to arrive at an effective and impactful creative direction to represent the brand.

To bring the envisioned design to life, I leveraged the power of 3D software. One technique I explored was the creation of glass layers built in 3D space. This approach added depth and dimensionality to the design, giving it a modern and futuristic feel. Moreover, the use of glass layers helped communicate a sense of transparency, aligning with the startup's values of openness and clarity. By manipulating the glass layers, I played with light, transparency, and reflection, creating visually engaging compositions that captured the essence of the tech startup.

Marketing Poster In Situ
Marketing Poster
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