NIAW Campaign Concept

Creative Brief: Lead the art direction for a campaign that raises awareness for National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW).

Role: Art Director and Designer

Key takeaway: Not only is photography important in setting the tone, but color, typography, and even texture make emotional impact.

Creative Process

1. Learn: Sat down with the brief, getting an understanding for the requested deliverables and the project scope.

2. Ideate: Began with extrapolating themes and visuals. I also created a moodboard to help cast a thematic vision. Lastly, I began sketching rough ideas to paper, showing only high-level elements and exploring layout options.

3. Develop: Once the initial layout was deemed promising, I began assembling the key components like photography and illustration. To further set the tone, I explored the use of color, typography, and even texture make a relevant emotional impact.

4. Refine: From these raw components, I built some rough visual prototypes and pitched them to the team, gauging their effectiveness and impact. We brainstormed how to enhance and build out the campaign and apply it to the many required components.

5. Ship: Once the first set of pieces were finalized and approved in creative review, we began the process of building out the entire campaign library.

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